My Story - Chilli Chan's


About me

I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Sydney. While I was growing up, my family never had salt and pepper on the dining room table. Instead, my mum who is Taiwanese, would make her own chilli sauce that we used all the time. I loved the warm smell of spices in our house on the days she made a new batch.

I left Sydney for Shanghai after university to get to know the language and culture better. That was where my passion for cooking grew. I ate dumplings and noodles almost every day and loaded them up with chilli sauce that reminded me of home.

Five years ago I moved to Europe. Since moving here, I’ve tried all the chilli oils from every supermarket. But none of them are quite like my mum’s home recipe.

My mission is to bring a healthier spice option to your table. 


About my Crispy Chilli Oil

Just like all good ideas of 2020, Chilli Chan’s Crispy Chilli Oil was born during lockdown.

The one upside to the Amsterdam lockdown was that I started cooking nearly every day. I tried out some new recipes and perfected some old ones. Missing the punch and crunch of my mum’s chilli sauce, I decided to try making my version with a modern twist. I liked the idea of creating something tasty without all the preservatives, salt and artificial flavours of store-bought oils. 

When my friends tried my recipe, they said I couldn’t just keep it to myself. And that’s why I’m now sharing it with you! 

This oil goes with everything: While I usually stick to using it as a dipping sauce for my homemade dumplings, my friends put it on their bread and hummus, drizzle it over shrimp pasta, use it for marinades or add it in stir fries. It's seriously addictive, and makes everything taste a little better.