My Story - Chilli Chan's

My story.
I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Sydney. While I was growing up, my family never had salt and pepper on the dining room table. Instead, my mum who is Taiwanese (and my dad from Hong Kong) would make her chilli and XO sauces.

Seven years ago, I moved to Germany and then Amsterdam. I tried chilli oils from most Asian supermarkets, but none had quite the same flavour as my mum’s homemade recipe.

 It was during the 2021 lockdown that the idea of Chilli Chan's was born. I was missing the punch and crunch of my mum’s chilli sauce and couldn't see my family and eat home-cooked food for nearly 3 years, so I decided to make my own version with a modern twist. When I shared my recipe with my friends, they encouraged me to share it with YOU.

Our Mission.
Our mission is to bring the most delicious Chinese flavours to your table with the use of natural, preservative-free ingredients that are accessible around you.
Our Vision.
Our vision is to bring the joy of chilli and flavourful Chinese food to every household, creating delicious & easy recipes for any occasion because you should